Jan 22, 2009

my first summer

I was in Charles de Gaule Aeroport (airport). I was looking for the word " sortie" to exit. "Wow, paris...... here I am" I spoke to myself. I called the taxi to go to my new appartment in 20 th arrondissement Paris.Paris is divided into 20 different neighborhoods called arrondissements. Arrondissements are named according to their number.

I woke up in the morning and ready to go to my fashion school design ESMOD PARIS. It is in 9 th arrondissement, in Boulevard montmartre(Now ESMOD located in rue La Rochefoucauld) . I liked the area of Boulevard montmatre, there are BNP PARIBAS(bank) , MC Donald, une boulangerie where I always buy sandwich crudite(my favourite lunch), musée grevin (museum grevin), salon du thé (a place where we can have some tea and cake).