Jul 8, 2009

Still in rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, I used to buy some mille-feuille in Dalloyau. The crème pâtissière of mille feuille made me forget all the things in my mind. Located at 101, Rue faubourg Saint-Honoré, Dalloyau is a company familiar to Parisians since 1802. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Dalloyau, welcomes you in its restaurants, tea rooms, shops and organizes all over France and abroad receptions and events.

In the last years of the XVII century, Richard and Charle Dalloyau are both at the service of the Princes of Condé, for who Vatel had committed suicide at Chantilly and of whom Saint-Simon had written “Nobody has ever brought so much attractiveness and magnificence to celebrations”.The Dalloyau brothers are part of the group of elite who creates and run these festivities. People whisper their names in the lounges and Charle is called to Versailles. On January 14 th, 1700, he enters the pantry of Louis XIV, with the mission of creating the whitest and crispiest bread possible. As he becomes “officier de bouche”, he attends the king’s meals as well as the official ceremonies.

The tea room of Dalloyau surprised me. There are Luxembourg, Bastille, Convention, Boulogne and Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. Each place reveals a unique personality, through a distinctive decoration, atmosphere and menu, in harmony with the area where it is located.

What a creative Dalloyau !