Aug 31, 2009

Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité

Île Saint-Louis

Walking from Notre Dame to Île Saint-Louis through the garden at the back of Notre Dame, and reaching the main street,the Rue St.Louis en l'Ile in Ile saint Louis, I was continously imagining the ice cream Berthillon. In this rue, there are boulangerie, cafes, grocer, hotels, restaurants, shops, and ice cream store. There are restaurants such as La Reine Blanche, L'Ilot Vache, and Le Tastevin, the most popular attraction is Berthillon ice cream shop, 31, rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile. This ice cream shop draws many visitors to it even in the height of wintertime!


The Île Saint-Louis is named after King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis).The island is connected to the rest of Paris by bridges. There are Pont de la Tournelle from the Rive Gauche, Pont Louis-Philippe from the Rive Droite, Pont Marie from the Rive Droite, Pont Sully from the Rive Droite and the Rive Gauche, Pont Saint-Louis from the Île de la Cité. Most of the island is residential.

The Station on Paris metro : Pont Marie