Aug 11, 2009

Sometimes I went to Place Dauphine, located at the Île de la Cité . It's calm and beautiful, a place to visit to escape the madness of St. Michel. There's almost no traffic on the little cobblestone street and the trees and benches provide wonderful respite from the chaotic boulevards nearby.The Place Dauphine is a small and a little residential park surrounded by some very expensive apartments and a few small shops and cafes. This is the perfect place to have a sandwich or a drink in one of the quiet bistros without being subjected to the usual crowds and tourists. The place Dauphine has somehow managed to avoid being overrun by noisy groups and visitors. In the 18th century, the artists Boucher and Chardin used the area to exhibit paintings. If you walk through the west gate you will find yourself facing an equestrian statue of Henry IV.

From the Place Dauphine, triangular in shape, can access the middle of the ancient bridge called the Pont Neuf. The bridge connects the left and right banks of the Seine by passing over the Île de la Cité. A street called, since 1948, Rue Henri-Robert, forty metres long, connects the Place Dauphine and the bridge. Where they meet, there are two other named places, the Place du Pont Neuf and the Square du Vert Galent.

What a calm place!

Station on Paris metro: Pont Neuf or Cité