Sep 18, 2009

A block to the west, I found the Galerie Vivienne. This is the one of Paris’ nicest galleries. I begun to imagine the beginning of the XIXth century when the first galleries and fashion shops were created. This old fashioned shopping arcade is much more charming than many modern malls and is definitely worth seeing.

The floor is covered in mosaic, the staircase is made of wrought iron and the stain-glass windows date back from when the building was set up. Beautiful ornaments complete the design of the gallery among the most elegant ones of the French capital. It opened in 1826 and remained the Parisians’ favorite place to go shopping until the Second Empire. Located just near the Palais Royal, the Grands Boulevards, the Bourse and the Chaussée d’Antin, this passage can not be ignored and you will enjoy walking around for hours. Clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, get a haircut, eat and drink in one of the many bars and restaurants. I found just everything there.

À Priori Thé, in particular, is a popular salon de thé at No. 37 Galerie Vivienne. Across the way at No. 45, Monsieur A. Petit-Siroux has an amazingly compact little shop specializing in antique and rare books.

It leads directly to the rue Vivienne and Rue des Petits Champs, where I might look at shop windows without feeling the rush of being in a big city.

Jean Paul Gaultier Boutique
Following its window, I went out on rue Vivienne, close to Galerie Colbert.

Station on Paris metro: Bourse or Palais Royal