Sep 16, 2009

Near the Les Halles, I walked to rue Étienne Marcel, there is La tour Jean sans Peur (Tower of John the Fearless in english), located at 20, rue Étienne Marcel, 2 nd arrondissement. Built by the duke of Bourgogne as part of a splendid mansion between 1409 and 1412 so he could hide at the very top, safe from his enemies. The Gothic, 29m-high tower is one of the very few examples of feudal military architecture extant in Paris. I saw the 140 steps of spiral staircase probably inspired by that of the louvre, the magnificent vaulted stairwell with its unique plant decor such as oak, hop, hawthorn. It's really artistic. I saw the room of jean sans Peur where he may have taken refuge in times of trouble.

The elaborate tree carved ceiling

Station on Paris metro: Les Halles