Oct 25, 2009

Crossing the Boulevard de Sébastopol to go to rue du Caire, then turn right, I entered the long passage du Caire (still in 2 nd arrondissement), parallèle to rue du Caire. It is not the only road in the quarter which reminds one of Egypt. In the immediate neighbourhood, I can also find the roads of Aboukir and Alexandrie as a testament to the Napoleonic campaigns in Egypt in 1798. The most interesting aspect of the passage is the façade on the building at number 2 with its representation of the goddess Hathor by three giant heads. Some hieroglyphs can be seen on upper floors. Specialising in the lithography business and shop display mannequins, Passage du Caire is today only of real interest for customers of the clothing wholesalers there. The Egyptian exoticism is hardly visible as the passage has become so dirty.