Oct 3, 2009

Since my school's in Boulevard Montmartre, I used to walk in the Passage des Panoramas to go to the other school in Rue Cléry. It's like the shortcut. I had only short time to change the class in Rue Cléry.

The Passage des Panoramas was the very first passage in Paris, which opened in 1800 when Bonaparte was First Consul. Like many others, this passage is very near the Bourse (Stock Exchange).It don't have the fancy mosaics of the other arcades. Most of the eateries here make no pretence at style, but one old brasserie, l'Arbre à Cannelle, has fantastic carved wood panelling, and there are still bric-a-brac shops, stamp dealers and an upper-crust print shop with its original 1867 fittings. It was around the Panoramas, in 1817, that's the first parisian gas lamps were tried out.

Station on Paris metro: Grands Boulevards