Oct 18, 2009

You can only find the tallest 12 metre-high windows in Passage du Grand Cerf. Located in montorgeuil area 145, rue Saint-Denis and 8, rue Dussoubs, still in 2 nd arrondissement. It open at 08.00 to 20.00. The wrought-iron work, glass roof and plain-wood shop front have all been cleaned, attracting stylish arts, crafts and antiques shops.

You will discover an interesting universe among the creative workshops of Bei Style, the home decorating shops of M.C.M. La Parisette, a small boudoir-pink space at No. 1, sells fun accessories, and Marci Noum, at No. 4, riffs on street fashion. Silk bracelets, crystals, and charms can be nabbed at Eric & Lydie and Satellite.

Station on Paris metro: Etienne-Marcel