Dec 27, 2009

From Saint Paul metro station, walking up and turned left on Rue de Turenne. Wondering why many designers held fashion show in the Place des Vosges. It's a nice central park surrounded by arcades with shops and cafes. It straddles the dividing line between 3 rd and 4 th arrondissement.

Originally known as Place Royale, the building is a pure early 17 th century architecture.Inside the square, the splendid fountains still have the name of King Louis XIII who was in power when the square was completed in the 1600s.

The Place des Vosges has two major houses. In the middle of the north side is the Queen Pavillon, dedicated to the former queen of France. On the south side is the King Pavillon, Le Pavillon du Roi. These houses are not open to visitors. But I visited the home of Victor Hugo, the famous author of “Les Miserables.” It is now a city run museum, open to the public free of charge.

Many tourists stay in the Hotel Pavillon de la Reine, located just north of Place des Vosges, accessible through the arches beside the great Gallery Vivendi. The gallery is well known for the famous artists shown in their exhibitions. Besides Gallery Vivendi, many other art galleries have chosen this most prestigious address. Their windows look out over the square, a tempting invitation to the many people passing by. On the southwest corner of the square, a secret door open only during the day, entry to the beautiful Hotel de Sully Gardens. The building is now a photography museum. Cross through another passage and I found a courtyard with enchanting statues representing the four seasons.

Station on Paris metro: Saint Paul, Chemin Vert