Dec 22, 2009

Hôtel de Soubise was built for Prince and Princess Soubise. Located at 60 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 3rd arrondissement, still in marais neighborhood. Now it houses the Musée de l'Histoire de France (National Archives).

The Hôtel de Soubise was decorated by some of the most important artists and craftsmen of their time. Including : Chambre du Prince, Salon ovale prince, Chambre d’apparat de la princesse, the very beautiful Salon ovale de la princesse that glided carvings, mirror-glass embedded in the boiserie and ceiling canvases and overdoors by Francois Boucher, Charles-Jean Natoire and Carle Van Loo.

Station on Paris metro: Rambuteau , Hotel-de-Ville