Dec 1, 2009

I was wondering what kind of collections in the musée des Arts et Métiers (museum of arts and occupations). Still in 3 rd arrondissement, 60, rue Réaumur, the exterior of the musée des Arts et Métiers is beautiful. Created in1794, there are seven sections including scientific instruments, materials, construction, communication, energy, engineering and transports. Many collections of the master piece devices invented by people, such as Volta's first invention of the battery to name a few, Watt's steam engine, the cinematograph device by the Lumière brothers, etc

The stylish early airplane made me imagining the song “ Sous Le Vent” by Céline Dion and Garou. I thought the airplane’s very perfect to describe the song. It’s very beautiful and original. Made of trenchcoat fabric and exquisitely detailed with feather propellers it resembles a bat. Designed by Clément Ader . He flew an earlier version of this plane thirteen years before the Wright Brothers and described the concept of an aircraft carrier in 1909.

I enjoyed seeing a treadle sewing machine very much. Thank to the inventor, we can sew our clothes faster than using our finger.

Station on Paris metro: Réaumur-Sebastopol