Dec 28, 2009

Visiting Hôtel de Ville was enchanting. Located at 29, rue de Rivoli , 4th arrondissement, housing city's administration. It inspired by Châteaux de Loire Valley, french renaissance.
In 1246 the first municipality was created when the Parisian trade guilds elected aldermen as representatives towards the King. There was no municipal building until 1357 when one of the aldermen, a water merchant, bought a house near the place de Grève. The two-storied building featured two towers and arcades. Known as the House of Pillars, served as a meeting place for the aldermen.
A revolting Commune which had occupied the Hôtel de Ville for months set the building on fire in May 1871, destroying the building as well as the valuable city archives. The architects who reconstructed the Hôtel de Ville : Ballu, Deperthes. The lounge's artisitc and certainly beautiful. Funded by a national subscription the construction started in 1873. Nine years later, the new Hôtel de Ville was officially inaugurated.
Station on Paris metro: Hôtel de Ville