Jan 27, 2010

When the summer came, I used to go to the jardin (park) to refreshing my mind, relaxing, and enjoy the beautiful park in Paris. This time I went to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Located at the Place Edmond Rostand, 6 th arrondissement. There’s a palace (Palace du Luxembourg), was a royal residence, but now houses members of French senate. Unfortunately I can admired it from the outside. Statues of royal women of greek and french mythology surround the central pavillion. The fountain provides perpectives of the Palace and surrounding garden. Medicis fountain at the northeast end of the garden.

I was sitting on the green metal chair, reading a book which I bought in Boulevard Saint Germain. Suddenly , a boy sitting beside me ,was crying. His sail boat toys are damaged. Oh, I didn’t know how to fix it. Fortunately, his brother came and helped him. I continue to read a book and enjoy the ambiance of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Many kids can enjoy the puppet theatre and playground at the park southwest end.

Station on Paris metro: Odeon, Cluny la Sorbonne