Feb 11, 2010

La Tour Eiffel ( Eiffel Tower) is a famous icon of France. Located on the Champ de Mars, 7 th arrondissement, Paris, is the tallest building in Paris.
Built by Gustave Eiffel, as entrance arch for the 1889 World’s Fair. He graduated from the prestigious Ecole Centrale de Paris. Before, in 1876, He constructed the Maria Pia bridge over the River Douro in Portugal, then the Garabit Viaduct in central France in 1884 and Budapest station in Hungary. He was responsible for the metal structures of the Bon Marché department store and the Crédit Lyonnais bank in Paris, the cupola of the Nice observatory, and the very amazing internal structure of the Statue of Liberty. The construction of the Eiffel Tower in1889 was his highest achievement.

The Eiffel Tower has three levels for visitors. The tower stands at 324 m (1,063 ft) tall,and the number of elevators from the ground to the second floor are 5 (one in the East pillar, one in the West pillar, one in the North pillar, one private elevator in the South pillar for the Jules Verne restaurant and one goods elevator in the South pillar) and from the second floor to the top are two sets of two duolifts with the speed 2 meters / second. The capacity of the elevators is incroyable, the north pillar: 920 persons/hour, the east pillar: 650 persons/hour, the west pillar: 650 persons/hour, the duolifts: 1,140 persons/hour, the private elevator to Jules Verne only 10 persons/ascent. Goods elevator in the South pillar: 30 persons or 4 tons/ascent. On the first level, there’s Altitude 95, a traditional french cuisine restaurant. Located 95 meters above sea level, hence the name.

Up to the third level, I enjoying the panorama of Paris, the most beautiful city in the world.

What an extraordinary city in the world !

Station on Paris metro: Bir Hakeim, Trocadero, Ecole Militaire