Jul 19, 2010

Attending wine tasting class with a wine specialist in Musée du Vin, I tried to have better understanding of different wines, knowing what to pick and what not to, for accompanying my food choices. Located at 5, Square Charles Dicken, 16 th arrondissement and it was established in 1984.

The exhibits seem to have everything possible connected with wine, even from corkscrews to decanters, glasses to barrels, wine presses and so much more, and a section showing old photographs, articles, portraits, and drinking songs, there is even a hymn to Saint Vincent on show, and he is one of the main patron saints of wine. There is a little wine bar where you can sit down and have your complimentary glass of wine, which comes free within the cost of the admission price. Also a restaurant situated in the cellars and has a cosy atmosphere with the different menus to choose from, all with traditional food and also some knowledgeable waiter to explain a specific wine to accompany each course. It’s an unforgettable experience!!!

Station on Paris metro: Passy