Jul 21, 2010

Runa Khan Marre, was selected as an Associate Laureate in 2006 for her project to preserve her nation’s ancient, boat-building heritage, lent two full-scale sailing craft and 50 small-scale replicas to France’s Musée National de la Marine (National Maritime Museum) between January and November 2008

Musée National de la Marine (Maritim Museum) is located in the west wing of the Palais Chaillot, 17 Place du Trocadéro, 16 th arrondissement. It is a museum of art and technology, history, society, and specializes in the maritime history of France. It explores the innovations in naval construction, the development of pleasure boating and off-shore racing and the technical progress in marine research and of defense.

Musée National de la Marine houses most important collection in the world of model ships, gunboats and artifacts beginning from the 17th century. Many models of merchant ships, fishing boats and pleasure crafts of over three centuries are exhibited.

Station on Paris metro: Trocadéro