Aug 6, 2010

Night Christmas in Avenue Ternes

17 th arrondissement in Paris..... I remember when it was my first year in Paris. From the Station metro Argentine, I went down to rue des Acasias, then turned the second left to rue du Colonel Moll, 17 th arrondissement. It was a charming apartment with the beautiful bath tub, a big dining room, two charming bedroom. Exploring the neighbouhood was exciting. I used to go to Avenue Ternes. From rue du Colonel Moll, I went up to rue Saint Ferdinand then turned right to Avenue Ternes. Many shops in Avenue Ternes. Certainly I had to “faire du shopping” such as food (many restaurants), cds and books that I bought in FNAC, supermarket Monoprix and also GAP for my daily need . There were no major sights to see, museums to go to, just amazing Haussmannian architecture, real French people, and that atmosphere of the quintessential Paris.

Station on Paris metro: Argentine, Ternes