Aug 11, 2010

Place de Clichy

Batignolles neighbourhood in the 17 th arrondissement, is a working-class area with the ethnic population. From Place de Clichy, an intersection of Times Square, it’s busy traffic. I went up to the Avenue de Clichy where many artists of the Ecole des Batignolles used to live such as Renoir, Degas, etc.

When I was in rue des Batignolles, I saw the Mairie Building of 17 th arrondissement. It’s a modern building among the twenty mairie in the Paris. Also there’s Sainte Marie des Batignolles church where is in the center of a courtyard with stylish café and boutiques. Behind me, it’s Square des Batignolles. Square des Batignolles is a romantic garden especially in the spring. There are playgrounds, duck pond, and rolling path for strolling.

Square des batignolles

Station on Paris metro: Place de Clichy, La Fourche, Brochant